Amy Park-Goeddeke


In 2018, I opened my private practice with a desire to provide quality holistic services across the lifespan (birth-100).

I’m fortunate that my career has given me a rare opportunity to work with individuals and relationships effectively from diverse backgrounds, relationships, and circumstance.

Dedicated to offering the highest level of services. I continue my professional development and own personal growth with mentorship, supervision and trainings related to all the services I provide.

Grief is the one experience in life we all have in common. If you ever loved or longed for love you have grieved. If you have ever had a passion or expectation that was not met, you have grieved. If you have ever had your sense of trust or safety violated, you have grieved. Everyone grieves. Yet, our society, communities and, frequently, our families tell us it’s not normal or natural and we find ourselves trying to grieve in ways that are often not normal, natural or helpful. We live with pain that isn’t necessary. For this reason, I have dedicated my work to grief, loss, end of life and related needs.

Grief is normal. Grief is the one thing we all have in common. Yet, sometimes grief can be difficult to navigate. We live in a world that tells us to just “get over it,” “it gets better with time,” “be strong.” These myths only complicate our grief. Sometimes grief can be complicated by many losses or trauma. I wanted to provide a variety of opportunities to help navigate grief. Ultimately, the goal is to simply feel better.

I received my Masters of Social Work in 1997. I also have a certificate and endorsement in Infant Mental Health. With a passion for Grief, Loss, Trauma and end of life, I have completed training with the Trauma and Loss Center for Children, received Grief and Loss Certification with the University of Wisconsin, Certified Advanced Grief Recovery Method Specialist, participated in End of Life Doula Trainings and continue extensive foundational training and mentorship as a Psychic and Medium.

Even with all this formal training, what’s most important is the unique ways we each relate to our grief. How does it translate into our lives? It’s important to me to offer opportunities to heal that respect each persons unique experiences and relationships. I want to offer a safe space for conversations that are necessary, yet, typically uncomfortable. A place of non judgement. As grievers, we need to have space where we can explore our experiences authentically and honestly. “Grievers do not need to be fixed; they need to be heard.”

My Client Promise

By inviting me to work with you, you are asking me to partner with you on your journey. We will find answers and integrate them together. Whether a child, parent, adult or relationship, my intention is to help you grow through struggles and improve your quality of life.

In recognition of the diversity that influences each of our experiences and perceptions, an individualized approach is always used.

It is the policy of Amy Park-Goeddeke, LMSW, LLC to treat all without discrimination with regard to religion, national origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or disability.

My Services

01. Grief Recovery Method

I work with children, adults, and relationships across the lifespan. Grief is not a disorder. Grievers do not need to be fixed. They need to be heard. The Grief Recovery Method (GRM) is a brief yet transformative proven approach to “feeling better” after experiencing any form of loss.

02. Counseling

I work with children, adults, and relationships across the lifespan. When grief is more complex than can be address by just the brief GRM, counseling may be helpful. I also offer Counseling for other related concerns.

03. Evidential Mediumship

I am excited to offer Evidential Mediumship as another option for healing and personal development. With the misinformation around mediumship, I strive to keep readings professional and committed to best practices. “It’s about Inspiring. It’s about Empowering and it’s about Healing.”

04. Psychic Consultation

I am excited to offer Psychic Consultations as another option for healing and personal development. Committed to professionalism, ethics and best practices; this is an opportunity to gain insights about your life and interpersonal qualities. “It’s about Inspiring. It’s about Empowering and it’s about Healing.”