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Amy Park-Goeddeke


Call: (248) 921-7649

Email: [email protected]


*Please provide a brief message and what service you are interested in. I will respond within 2 business days.


  1. Where is your office location? My practice is currently Virtual and Clinton Township, MI
  2. Do you offer Telehealth? Yes
  3. Do you offer home based services? Yes. Limited. However, I can not bill insurance for this. Let’s discuss how best to meet your needs.
  4. What ages do you see? I work with individuals and relationships across the lifespan.
  5. Are you wheelchair accessible? Yes.
  6. Do you work with a psychiatrist for medications? Yes. If you schedule with me through Macomb Therapy Group, we have psychiatry available. Otherwise, I will refer you to your physician for a referral.
  7. Do you accept sliding scale? Yes, no one should be turned away for inability to pay. If I can not help you, I will refer you to someone I believe can.
  8. You came recommended for counseling. However, I’m not comfortable with Mediumship. Do I have to have that? NO, ethically, I do not blend this with other services. I keep excellent boundaries.

FAQ Mediumship/Psychic Sessions

  1. Can I have a phone session for Psychic/Mediumship? Yes. Please schedule as if doing a zoom to hold your spot. Then send me a VERY brief email or text “I’m interested in a phone Mediumship/psychic session” and the number you want me to call.
  2. Can I have face to face Psychic/Mediumship? Yes. But I have to charge for this time. My typical rate is $100.00 hr. These sessions are typically 45mins which may include processing and discussion about the session afterwards.
  3. During a Mediumship session, can you connect to my beloved pet in Spirit? Yes. Please know, mediums can’t control who will communicate with you. However, I have frequently had sessions when a beloved pet has visited.
  4. Can a support person join my Psychic/Mediumship session? Yes. However, the session then becomes a group session. Spirit may choose to communicate with anyone present in the room during your session. If you are more comfortable with a group, email me and we can set up a small group with more time.