Training & Professional Development

With a diverse background of providing mental health services across the life span, I know the value of growing in our field. I am passionate about supporting colleagues in the field and fueling self awareness and reflection in others.

Interested in scheduling a training or workshop? Have a creative training need or idea? Let’s discuss. Trainings can be virtual or in person. I’d love to hear from you. Any trainings listed can be modified to fit the needs of your organization and staff.


01. Grief and Loss

This training provides and exploration of grief and loss. Factors that make grieving difficult and strategies to help are introduced. The GRM Method is introduced and “tasks of grieving” discussed. Participants are encouraged to reflect and wonder about their own grief and the grief of those they serve. Also, how the two intersect will be considered

02. Helping Children with Grief and Loss

This training provides child caregivers and parents with tools and reflections on how to best help children who are grieving. Unique experience of grieving children is introduced. Caregivers and parents are encouraged to reflect on how they can influence the trajectory of how a child navigates grief. This can also be an introduction to the GRM “Helping Children with Loss” group. This training can be adapted to meet the needs of the professional.

03. Exploring After Death Communication for the Service Provider

According to The Windbridge Research Center report on Mediumship and grief, “Unresolved grief can cause significant mental and physical distress and traditional psychotherapy may not be effective for relieving grief (e.g., Beischel, Mosher, & Boccuzzi, 2014-2015). Grief is resolved when the bereaved are able to recognize their continuing bonds with the deceased (e.g., Klass & Steffen, 2017).” For many, an evidential mediumship session can assist with navigating the task of grief related to “continued bonds”. Valid research on Mediumship is increasing. More and more people are accessing these services. This training defines the difference between “Mediumship” and “Psychic” abilities. Concerns regarding fraud will be addressed. In addition, how mediumship relates to Grief, and best practices will be considered. Also, the influence of beliefs, culture and community to how we translate these experiences will be explored.


01. Reflective Supervision

Reflective Supervision is available for professionals interested in supervision for their LMSW and IMH endorsement. Other human service providers and teachers may also benefit from this relationship based model of supervision. An important element in reflective supervision is enabling the supervised to question their practice, critically analyze and evaluate experiences, and debrief after challenging or stressful encounters. Reflective supervision asks the individual to reflect on their own practice and how are they doing within the relationship.