Evidential Mediumship & Psychic Consultation

*Please read “Important Considerations Before Scheduling” below. Mediumship & Psychic Readings are not blended with counseling or the GRM.

Thank you for reaching out to me. I am excited to offer Evidential Mediumship and Psychic Consultations as another option for healing and personal development.


About me

As a little girl, I was always aware of Spirit. I would receive guidance from a loving source regularly. If I didn’t follow it, I always regretted it. As I got older, my loved ones in Spirit would visit. Except for a few close friends, I kept these experiences secret. I was never fearful of the experiences but the reactions from others. Yet, these experiences peaked my interests and led me on a path of studying spirituality, soul development, various cultures, faith & religions, and curiosity about the paranormal. I realized quickly that there are a variety of perspectives on these experiences. Some reputable, some not; Some helpful, some very hurtful. I listen to the stories, enjoy learning about various cultural perspectives, and draw from my own experiences. I remain a healthy skeptic, try to stay grounded, consider the source and always invite my relationship with the Divine into my work.

For over 20 years, I’ve been discerning my mediumship abilities. I’ve studied various perspectives on after death communication. I participated, on and off, in various opportunities to play and learn more about mediumship and psychic abilities. Initially, I had no intention of offering Mediumship professionally. I focused on my role as a social worker, wife and mother. Yet, interactions with Spirit remained a natural part of my world. Around 2018, I felt called to do more. When this began, I said a prayer “If I can be helpful in this way, guide me.”

I prayed for help to find experienced mentors with whom to study. I also wanted an approach that was grounded. My background in social work, ethics and professionalism are important to me. I was led to several wonderful teachers across my life. I have the fortune to study under respected Mediums in both the US and the UK. I continue an intensive study of both Mediumship and Psychic practice. I was deeply supported in my dedication to ethics, formal training and personal development. I believe ongoing personal development and formal training is crucial for any field when in service to others. I also continue to follow reputable research and best practices.

My goal is to provide a professional evidential reading that is helpful. You can walk away knowing your loved one was there. If psychic, you leave with information you can use to move you forward in life. I strive to keep readings professional and committed to integrity. (see FAQs for additional information.)


Wonderful experience.

I found your readings to be calming and connecting me with my loved ones. I found peace in the time I could spend with them through you. I was able to get questions answered and receive knowledge to prepare myself for the future. It was an overall wonderful experience, I’m so very grateful for you. Thank you!”


Thank you for this beautiful gift.

Amy facilitated a series of Mediumship sessions with me. This was my first experience with Mediumship and Amy made the whole process very approachable. Her relaxed empathic style helped me to open my mind to the possibility of communicating with my loved ones in the afterlife. The experience left my eyes open to noticing the signs of my loved ones in nature. Thank you for this beautiful gift.”


I am not alone.

Amy’s presence in my life has been a gift. If you are seeking a great listening ear and warm heart you can definitely find it in her company. Her readings reminded me that I am not alone, that there is always someone who cares close by. I have great appreciation for Amy’s willingness to respond to the call to create hope and positivity.”


What does a Session look like?

Mediumship is about the Spirit communicator (your loved one). I am committed to Evidential Mediumship. This is a form of Mediumship that requires the medium to provide evidence that the sitter can recognize from the communicator in spirit. This is the style that is used in reputable research. Such evidence may include facts such as names, personalities, details of the communicator’s life, details of the relationship with the communicator, traits, profession, etc. In addition, the sitter (you or the person coming for a reading) is asked to provide very limited responses “Yes,” “No” “I don’t know.” Any other response risks “feeding” the medium and can affect your confidence in the reading. Mediums do not control Spirit. We partner with them. I trust in Divine wisdom to know what is most helpful.

A Psychic Reading/consultation is about the sitter (The person coming for a reading). Psychics convey information about people, events, places, or times that are related to the sitter. Psychic readings are opportunities for you to gain insight about yourself and soul qualities, a current circumstance or relationship. Many seek out a psychic when they feel stuck in making a decision or in their interpersonal development. My approach is to empower you. Rather than make a prediction that can result in undermining your freewill, I offer insight to help you understand why you are “stuck.” With this information, you can move forward. My intention is to offer that which will be most helpful.

One Person Session

What: Evidential Mediumship or Psychic Consultations

Private One on One Zoom or phone 30 mins @ $45.00

Where: Sessions are provided, typically, over Zoom or via phone. You will be sent a link after scheduling.

Rate: $45.00.

Schedule: Please email or IM me via facebook to book your session. Please continue reading to review tips & important considerations before scheduling.


How Can I Prepare for a Session?

  • Limit sharing information about your loved one or yourself before the reading. Any information you share with me can not be used for evidence.
  • Only answer Amy’s responses with a minimal response of “Yes,” “no,” or “I don’t know.” We can chat after the reading.
  • Relax.
  • Come with minimal expectations. Allow the wisdom of your soul and Spirit to guide the session.
  • If there is a specific question you have or person you wish to connect to, write it out or express it before your session. Mediums can’t guarantee a specific loved one will come but setting this intention and invitation has proven to be helpful.
  • Don’t come intoxicated. Nuf said.
  • Be honest with your responses.
  • 18 years old or older
Expect to receive an email with a Zoom Video Conferencing link for your reading. Contact me if you do not receive one within 2 days of your session.

Please Review

Important Considerations Before Scheduling


It’s necessary to keep things separate.

Sometimes potential clients will schedule a session before beginning counseling or GRM. However, Therapy/Counseling and GRM Services are not combined with Mediumship and Psychic Readings.

Current or past clients, please know that it can be difficult to experience an evidential reading if I already know a lot about you. You may be left wondering “Did I tell Amy that already?” placing doubt in your mind about our session. Please use your own discretion. I can, also, refer you to other respected evidential mediums.


“It’s about Inspiring. It’s about Empowering and it’s about Healing.”

– Kerry McLeod

My approach is to empower you. I want to celebrate your freewill and personal relationship with Spirit. In a psychic session, you are inspired with new insights to reflect and wonder; you’re encouraged to take charge of your life.

I experience my mediumship as an extension of my Relationship and Family Systems work; histories, memories, and relationships have an opportunity to be revisited. “Continuing the relationship (bond)” is an important task of grief. Every session is a prayer for healing.


Mediumship & Grief

Mediumship is often misunderstood and stigmatized. Yet, research from reliable sources, such as Yale University and Arizona State, on Mediumship and psychic abilities is growing. According to The Windbridge Research Center report on Mediumship and grief, unresolved grief can cause significant mental and physical distress and traditional psychotherapy may not be effective for relieving grief (e.g., Beischel, Mosher, & Boccuzzi, 2014-2015). Recognizing our continued bonds is a crucial task of grief (e.g., Klass & Steffen). This can look different for different people. Mediumship can be an option for some in addressing this need on their path of grief.


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